There are several methods of probate other, than the ordinary goal of having a will probated and an executor appointed, and I strive to utilize the method of probate that is suitable in each estate  situation and which is the fastest and least costly.

For instance, it may be possible to probate the estate utilizing a “Small Estate Affidavit” or as a “Muniment of Title”, depending upon the total amount of estate assets and what each individual estate situation calls for or allows under the law.

However, often it is preferable to seek probate of the Will and to become appointed as the the Independent Executor of the estate of the Deceased.  Once Letters Testamentary are authorized by the Court, such Letters are issued to the newly appointed executor and this provides all the legal authority needed to sell real property, re-title assets into the name of the beneficiaries, pay debts, collect funds owed to the Estate, etc.

This is done so that an Executor’s Deed transferring the interest of the Deceased in real property to the named heir can be recorded.  Therefore, anyone researching title to the property will find that the Deceased’s ownership interest in the property was properly transferred to his/her named heir as per the Will of the Deceased.

Contact this firm with your estate situation and the most efficient and least costly method of probate will be recommended.