University of North Texas, Denton, Texas;  graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Banking and Finance.
South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas; Juris Doctor


Began private practice of law in Houston with Landis & Gregory, a five man law firm.  Represented clients in collecting debts, drafting contracts and in general all the legal expertise that a small firm is called upon to utilize for its clients.  I was there for about nine months and then moved to Fort Stockton, Texas where I set up a sole proprietor general practice.

There were eight attorneys in Fort Stockton when I arrived and so I had a wide range of clients and legal experience ranging from family law, wills and probate, contracts, representing firms of all kinds and in general doing all that a small town attorney does.   This enabled me to gain a wide variety of experience (that large city attorneys generally do not enjoy as they are usually required to specialize) in almost all areas of law, as one of necessity has to deal with everything legal that comes up in a small town.

Elected District Attorney of the 83rd Judicial District, for one four year term, in Fort Stockton, Texas. The 83rdJudicial District covered six counties in the Big Bend area of Texas and was the largest district in Texas in land area. One county alone in the district was larger than the state of Connecticut. Had one investigator and one assistant DA to assist me to cover the six counties as one of its chief law enforcement officers. Initiated a large, coordinated drug interdiction effort that involved local, state and federal agencies for the first time on a coordinated basis. Tried to juries 24 major murder and drug cases which was an outstanding learning experience.

Moved to Dallas, Texas in late 1988 to work for Graham, Bright and Smith. Practiced mainly as a litigation attorney and advised on several white collar criminal defense cases.

Returned to solo private general practice in the summer of 1990; with an emphasis in estate planning and trusts, representing entities and doing oil and gas work, including drafting and negotiating contracts and acting as general counsel for diverse companies.   Helped several smaller oil and gas companies sell interests in wells via private placement memorandums. Represented oil and gas companies, fulfilling a general counsel role.


Married to Laura Jean Quinton
4 children & 8 grandchildren
Active in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Richardson, TX Office